Friday, June 17, 2011


You have put me down with your negativity
Your words and actions have weighed heavily on my spirit
I became so bogged down that each day it was tortuous to move
My light dimmed and my spirit became weak
I just fell down face first onto the ground
Eyes closed
In the distance I heard you laugh
You told your minions "She is down She will not rise Victory is mine!"
I lay on the ground face down and I prayed "God give me the courage to turn over"
He heard my prayer
I turned over to my back
I felt the light on my face
In the distance you still laughed
Your laughter made me open my eyes
Your laughter taunted me
Your laughter annoyed me because you claimed victory too early
It started as a thought in my head that I could not voice because I was weak
That thought became my mantra "And still I rise"
My eyes opened
My spirit was battered and bruised
My body ached from the fight
I was tired and worn out from the battle
I so wanted to quit
Then I heard your laughter again
It annoyed me
I repeated my mantra "And still I rise"
I lay there and looked up
I smiled
The darkness you sent to dim my shine was going away
My spirit was bathed in the waters of unconditional love and infinite hope

I now whisper "And still I rise"
My strength has returned
My light is shining bright
I now shout "And still I rise"
I am like a phoenix rising out of the flames
You thought you had defeated me
You thought you had dimmed my shine
You thought it was over
Well you were WRONG
I burst through the flames of despair hopelessness hate and jealousy
I rise out of the fire

You have put me down
You have ridiculed me
You have made me the butt of your jokes
And still I rise
You have spread rumors
You have lied
You have stolen
And still I rise
You have taken what was mine
You have turned others against me
You have isolated me
And still I rise
You have put obstacles in my path
You have tripped me
You have stabbed me in the back
And still I rise
You have told me what I can't do
You have told me I would fail
You have told me I was a fool
And still I rise

I rise because I know who I am
I rise because I know my worth
I rise because I know I am loved
I rise because ssuccess is my destiny
I rise because it annoys you
Most importantly I rise because its God's will
My shine is bright
My spirit is light
Because still I rise