Saturday, February 26, 2011


And as you were listening to the Earth beat in you soul like drums on the Serengeti
My feet were planted in the sand of the atlantic wishing for the waves of knowledge and  love to wash over me and infuse my spirit
My heart drummed out a rhythm that I knew but did not know
Was it the same beat of your African drums?

You smile and my question is answered
No words are needed but you give voice to what I already know
As the Earth was beating in your soul you heard a new rhythm
It called to you softly and sweetly to the coolness of the water
An unfathomable desire to dip your hands in the calming waters and touch your dampened hands to your face
You felt my soul's rhythm pulsating through the waters.

That explains why the water gives me such solace
Because of you
When I was troubled I went to the water
When I was in need of protection I went to the water
When I was in need of comfort I went to the water
When I was happy I went to the water
Because in the water I found the spirit and heartbeat of my Warrior, my Love.


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