Saturday, May 28, 2011


Sometimes I sit and stare at you
I know you're a good man and perfect for me
No matter how hard I try I cannot get you to open your eyes
To see that I am perfect for you
Tonight as you sleep
I gently touch your face
Amazed at what a beautiful man you are inside and out
Tears fill my eyes and threaten to spill
Because you will never be mine
In this quietness I hear your heart beat out a rhythm
My heart responds
You'll never know because you won't allow yourself to love me
I have tried to erase that pain inflicted by another
Only to succeed in hurting myself
My tears spill in sorrow for what will never be
I will never hold our child with your brown eyes
I will never hold and protect you through the storm
I will never grow old with you
The rhythm of my heart will continue to beat alone
Tonight as you sleep I say my final goodbye
Finally I realize I must let you go so that
You are free
I am free
To be

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