Monday, July 30, 2012


I fell for you and that was my mistake.
My heart said stay and my head said walk away.
The wrong choice was made because I thought
 we could be friends.
It's impossible because quite frankly I have so many
 feelings for you that I have no more feelings.
I wish I could hate you, but that's not in my nature.
I can't love you because you are someone else's.
I don't have the strength to delete you,
But something must be done because the mere
 mention of her name makes me ill.
Looking back I realized I was set up.
You wove a web of words like a spider,
 waiting to catch your prey.
I got caught and you laughed at my being tricked
 so easily.
So I make the decision now to cut all ties.
If I can't be your first choice I refuse to be
 the pathetic woman waiting in the wings.
Save your words for your next prey.
Use your words to lull her into a sense of adoration
 before you cut her heart out with your pen.
As for me, I'm taking my heart and leaving your
 web of words.
And trust and believe me....I'm not coming back.
Keep your lies about missing me to yourself.

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