Sunday, August 12, 2012


Fuck that shit!
I've had it!
So many times I've tried to reach you
 only to have you turn your back on me.
Telling me I have a negative attitude
 because I dare to speak the truth.
Walking all high and mighty as you
 climb the stairs to your throne.
Sitting there looking down on us peons.
Fuck that shit!
Yes my dear, I said it.
I know you...really know you.
The secrets you hold inside.
The dirt you've done.
You and your inner circle plotting and planning.
Keeping a separation of "us" and "them".
Pulling the blinders down on their eyes so  that 
 they don't see the reality around them.
Silencing those who have dared to look beyond
 the imposed blinders.
Ostracizing those who know your truth.
Fuck that shit!
I see you...eye really see you.
Don't be surprised because I know your truth.
Speaking out both sides of your mouth.
Promoting peace yet creating chaos.
Insisting on truth, but unable to handle it.
Fuck that shit!

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