Thursday, August 30, 2012

GRACE AND OSIRIS (featuring Jerald Murphy) PART 2


We sit at the table and I drink of her presence. The effect that the light has on her skin as it filters in through the window. The first thing that I do is properly introduce myself "Hi Grace my name is Osiris.
I extend my hand and she takes it in hers as we shake and I am reluctant to let it go, she lets her hand linger in mine and I feel as if static electricity flows from her to me.
I look into her big brown eyes and we start to talk.
It feels as if this is routine and I like that.
She asks me what I do and I tell her that I have my own online business as a ticket broker.
She asks me what that is and I explain that in the old days we were called scalpers and now since we do it over the Internet we have decided to change our name.
She laughs at that and her laugh seems to sink into the fibers of my being.
As we talk I realize that I really would like to spend a lot more time with this queen. There are so many things that I would like to show her.
One thing about traveling the way that I do is that you find so many beautiful things that you want to share with someone.
The problem is that I have been alone for some years now and all these beautiful things that I have seen I have seen alone.
I have long wondered if there is such a thing as love at first sight and I must admit to myself that if there is this is it.
As she talks I find myself hanging on her words. they seem so solid.


I already knew his name was Osiris. The Egyptian god of the afterlife. In my mind I always called him Sir O. It was just finally refreshing to be able to sit and have a conversation with him. I was relived to be able to look at him freely no longer with the fear of being detected.
When he shakes my hand a current shoots through my body. My hand in his feels natural. Sitting with him at the table in the corner feels natural. As we sit and talk it feels like we have always done this.
I ask him what he does and I love when he says he has his own business as on online ticket broker. I laugh because his eyes sparkle with a touch of mischief when he tells me this. He asks what I do and I let him know that I am on a year long sabbatical from work. Only because I am burnt-out and a tired of retail.
As we spend this little time together I make a wish that I have more time to get to know him. He speaks to that part of me that has been hidden away for so long. In his presence I am given an idea of what it feels like to be a queen sitting with a king.
I know he's a writer because Therese has shown me his work. I knew his words before I knew him. Shyly, I ask him to tell me about his writing. He smiles. I swear time stood still. Not looking at him I recite one of my favorite lines from his work "Deep dark chocolate and sensual brown eyes....I adrift in the megaverse.... multiplistically if I may start a discourse of the complexity of thine influence on the artistic in me." When I look up I see him. The honorable king I would gladly submit my time.



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    1. Me too! Even though I was a part of writing it I have fallen in love with these two. Thank you for reading!