Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GRACE AND OSIRIS (featuring Jerald Murphy)

I walk into the coffee shop and order my morning regular, a bottle of Motts and a scone.
The girl behind the counter and I joke around as she moves around behind the counter getting my drink and my scone.
She asks me what I am doing today and I tell her the same thing I say everyday. 
"I am going to write a masterpiece." she laughs as she hands me my change and says "I believe you, I really dig the stuff you write."
I go to the spot where I sit almost every morning that I come here. It is in the corner and I can see the door and look out the window as the people pass by. I have a thing about doors. I never sit with my back to them.
I see the man who passes by here everyday as he walks his daughter to school. They hold hands and she looks up at him. I can see the admiration as they talk to each other.
The wino across the street leans against the wall and looks around. This is the spot that he comes to every day rain or shine and today he carries an umbrella.
Always prepared, and I smile to my self at this thought.
The bell rings over the door and I see her as she walks in in all her thickness. This is what I have been waiting on this morning and I walk to the counter and proceed to introduce myself.
"Excuse me ma'am."
She looks my way and I am taken aback by her eyes. It feels as if she has forged a link with my soul.
I proceed.
"Do you mind if I ask your name?" she says not at all and she tells me her name is Grace and it sounds so good coming from her lips that I repeat it back to her.
She smiles at this and I am almost swept off of my feet at how beautiful her smile is.
I ask her if she is in a rush and she says "I have a little time."
The girl behind the counter gives me a wink and I smile a little bit. 
She had already told me Grace's name and that she was single.
We sit at the table where I was when she walked in and start to talk.

Everyday I go to the coffee shop. It's my morning ritual. As I walk I run into Jay as he walks Jazmine to school. He's a single father who's doing the right thing and his little girl knows she is loved. I wave to Mr. Neal, the local wino. He has suffered so much with the loss of his job and the death of his wife. He's just trying to survive. I continue to walk and come to the coffee shop. 
As I reach for the door I notice my palms are sweaty and my heart just skipped a beat. I smile to myself as I see him at the corner table with his bottle of Mott"s and a scone. He never smiles. He always looks so mean, but I know it's just a facade. He is the real reason I come here everyday.
I smile at Sarah as I reach the counter. She has my caramel coffee and my muffin ready and waiting for me. I feel his presence as he stands at the counter. My mind races. I'm not searching for something clever to say. but I'm becoming intoxicated by the beauty of his essence.
I am so taken with his smooth, chocolate complexion. I just want to reach out and stroke his cheek. I get lost in his dark brown eyes that tell his tale of troubles, yet exude so much kindness and compassion. And his voice speaks to my soul and melts away any hardness that it encounters. In my old-fashioned way this is the man I want to keep company with and have court me.
Oh my! He just asked me a question. I must focus. he wants to know my name. Smiling I say "My name is Grace." Now he wants to know if I'm in a rush. Little does he know I have all the time in the world for him. I just answer "I have a little time."
I sit with him at the corner table and for the first time I see his smile. I have to catch my breath because it is absolutely beautiful. It is my best moment of the day.... coffee, a smile and sitting at the corner table with Osiris.



  1. OKAY LADY AND GENT!! I need more!!!!!!! Don't just dangle it in my face and snatch it away when my anticipation is peaked. Tomorrow is august 29th, til then.....
    I look forward to hearing from you two :) BTW, I am soooo Grace!

  2. I am so glad you like it! Grace is so me too! We'll see what Grace and O do tomorrow.