Sunday, February 10, 2013


She sat on her throne and looked at her King.
Tears in her eyes, she shook her head and
 said "I don't understand".
He looked puzzled and held her hands.
Before words could escape his lips she bent
 her head and cried.
All she could repeat was "Why?"
With a gentle hand he lifted her chin,
 staring into tear glistened eyes.
Quietly he asked his Queen to talk to him.
With there fingers entwined she shared her pain.

Taking a deep breath she told her love who
 caused her tears to spill from her eyes.
The Queen Bee told of the hurt her heart
 has endured as she watched her daughters
 through the centuries.
She cried for their struggles for freedom.
In chains, physically and mentally,
 yet strong and patient enough to break what
 bound them.
She cried for their fight for equality.
Beaten and denied what was rightfully theirs,
 yet strong and patient enough to chip away
at the inequality to bring balance.
She cried for their desire to be seen as
 perfection in their own skin and accepted
 by themselves and others.
Yet, too many don't see their beauty.

My daughters are tearing each other down.
Separation by skin hue, hair texture, speech
 pattern, body shape and other pettiness.
Calling each other hoes, tricks and bitches.
This is not why so many of my babies died.
They died so that they may be free and unified.
They died so that the world would see the
 future queens as not less than, but  more than.
Now I wonder if they died in vain.
Don't they realize that the "b" means beautiful,
 brilliant and blessed?
My little queens need to change because
 if they don't they will never be truly free
 and able to reign on their thrones.

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