Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am so tired of your superficiality
What you accuse me of being is what you actually are
The grand statement of beauty is in the eye of the beholder is bullshit
"Baby I want to get to know the real you"
"You're beautiful inside and out"
"I want you to be my wifey"
You said this thinking I would just be so enamoured and poof ... the panties would drop
Guess you were wrong

You say I have a long list of requirements
And I think I deserve everything
And I have very little to offer
Women like me should just settle for what we can get
Hmmm.... this you say thinking I will fold and poof ... the panties would drop
You were wrong.... again

In your mind you're a great catch
You're offering me the chance of a lifetime
Many women want to be with you
But you're offering "all of this" to me
"Woman you better get me while the getting is good'
"This is your last chance"
I have to laugh because I know you say this hoping to reach my desperation and poof ... the panties would drop

Ponder what you said
As you watch my ass walk out the door
Sweetie your loss not mine
Now I wonder whose desperation is showing