Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have roamed the Earth for centuries looking for you
Your scent feels my senses
The vision of your face is etched in my mind
My skin still remembers your caresses
Lovers so long ago
Yet you don't remember me

A love so timeless yet never the right time
I have travelled across deserts, over oceans, through forests....
I have braved the elements to get to you
I have moved mountains and people just to be in your presence
I have died to protect you
Yet you don't remember me

No matter the time or place
I always find you
Drawn to you because you are my soul .... mate
Waiting for you to recognize me so that I can be freed from the prison of lonliness
Yearning for the kiss that breathes renewed life into this tired body
Aching for the touch that ignites me with passion and inflames my skin with heat
Seeking the look of recognition in your eyes
Yet you don't remember me

My journey continues
Tears fall as I roam the Earth
Knowing that one day soon you will recognize me