Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My long sleep has ended.
The pain of rejection knocked me on my ass,
But it's big enough to withstand the fall and give
 me lots of cushion.
I know you're shocked to see me back on my feet.
You thought that final blow took me out.
I saw you celebrating as I floated in my self-pity.
You and your...what's the word..?
Oh yeah....flunkies... were so happy about my demise.
You forgot never count me out.
Always watching you and your bitchassness wrecking
 havoc in lives.
Slowly  self-pity turned into determination.
Truth be known I needed that little break.
But baby I'm back!
Now whatchu gon do?
There's enough arrogance in my bones to laugh at you
 as I rise to the top.
Down, but never out just growing stronger.
I'm back with attitude.
Gone is the shyness and the desire to stay in the shadows.
Banished to the dungeons is fear and doubt.
Finally taking center stage with lots of sass and class.
Walking with an extra sway in my bodacious hips.
Standing tall with my shoulders back and my head held high.
Daring to laugh because I'm ready to take you on.
And rumor has it I'm not going to lose.
So whatchu gon do?