Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shit Just Got Real Pt.II

You constantly cry that you're being abused
Scared to go home because of the verbal and
 physical punches
Mentally and physically drained you ask for help
Plans are made for your escape from pain and
 entrance to a new freedom
Everything and everyone is in place to help
 you survive
Waiting and waiting you never show
Finally you call saying you're staying
Disbelief surrounds your would be freedom
Shaking their heads they disperse
Battered and bruised you again ask
 for help
Incredulous stares are aimed at you
They answer no because they can't help you
 until you're willing to help yourself be free
Shit just got real

Looking around you see your own striving
 to succeed
Jokes and disparaging comments spew
 from your mouth
Everyday you block the path to greener
And everyday they find a way around your
You and your crew thinking intimidation
 will keep them down
Yet they and their dreams use your weapons
 to spur them on
They're supposed to succumb to your taunts
 and aggressions and you wonder why you fail
The question is asked
 Why do you keep trying
The answer is given
 We honor our destiny and not your fears
Shit just got real

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shit Just Got Real: Part I

In a moment of reflection
 reality hit me up side the head
Looking at myself I saw a stranger
 I don't even know who I am
Constantly being a puppet on a string
 passed around seeking approval
All the while never giving approval
 to myself
Shit just got real

Slowly being killed by the pains
The pain of rejection
The pain of illness
The pain of loneliness
The pain of poverty
The pain of unacceptance
The pain of struggle
If I give in to the pains I'll be gone
Shit just got real

Lord knows I'm tired
My body is weak and my mind
 is struggling to keep me moving
Negativity is trying to gain control
 and the fight is slowly leaving me
Shit is getting real

Everything is weighing me down
I see the dreams and goals in
 the distance
All I need is the strength to
 keep going
The desire to give up and let
 the dark abyss swallow me whole
 is so strong and tempting
It would be so easy  to give up
 and give in
Shit just got real